Operating procedures at our workshop during COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the Government has lifted restrictions and allowed for various business and activities to pave their way towards normalcy. The virus is till out there and still infecting thousands of people everyday.

Hence to protect our staff and also all the visitors at our workshop we will be taking the following steps. These might cause some inconvenience during your visit but its for everyones well being so please cooperate.

Workshop Visit & Appointments

  • Customers are requested to please take an appointment before coming to the workshop.
  • We will be limiting the number of appointments in a day based on the kind of work and time it takes. This is to avoid having two visitors in the shop at once.
  • It is recommended that you come alone and not bring any friends or family along for everyone’s safety and well being.

General Procedures during the Visit

  • Customers will be checked for symptoms and sanitised. Masks are compulsory inside the premises. We sell basic masks if you are not carrying your own.
  • We reserve the right not to serve the customers showing any COVID-19 like symptoms.
  • Vehicles will be taken over by our staff and basic disinfection will be performed to commonly touched areas of the car and those areas will be covered with special covers.

Movement inside the Premises

  • Customers would be requested to wait only in the waiting lounge.
  • Entering the workshop floor is prohibited unless allowed by our staff.
  • It is also recommended for customers to carry your own drinking water.
  • Use of washroom will be allowed with permission.


  • Every incoming consignment will be quarantined for certain duration depending on its source and type of material received.
  • Expect delays in order processing due to this precautionary measure.