Brakes are the most important component and should be the first thing to be upgraded on any car. We offer a wide range of brake options and with our vast experience from using these products on race tracks as well as street we can suggest you the best combination that suits your driving style.

We Deal in performance brakes from the following brands:

Brake Pads

  • Improved stopping power & brake bite.
  • High temperature & fade resistance.
  • Wide range of options available suitable for Fast Street, Track Day or Full Race usage.

Brake Rotors

  • Lighter weight options reduce vehicle’s unsprung mass.
  • Better heat dissipation.
  • Available in 1-piece, 2-piece, drilled, slotted options to suit wide range of applications.

Big Brake Kits

  • Ultimate Braking Upgrade.
  • Multi-Piston Callipers for consistent braking force.
  • Lightweight construction reduces unsprung mass.

Braided Brake Lines

  • Firmer brake feel.
  • Improved pedal modulation for better car control.
  • Car specific kits follow identical routing as original lines.

Contact us know about the options available for your car or bike.