What is ECU Remapping?

Engine control unit known as ECU in short contains data in the form of maps which is essential for the ideal functioning of an engine. The functions controlled by the ECU include Air fuel ratio, Turbo pressure, Fuel injection etc. 

Remapping is the process of tweaking the values in the ECU’s stored maps to get optimised engine performance. This is done by extracting data stored on the ECU via the OBD port of the car without making any physical alterations to the car. In a few rare cases the ECU has to be opened and read directly using our special equipment. After a careful analysis of the present map, desired changes are made and this customised data is installed back into the ECU replacing the previous map. 

How much time will it take to remap my car?

It typically takes between two to four hours to remap a car, depending on the type of car and ECU. The process starts with a road test, thorough inspection and diagnostics of the car to make sure there are no errors already present in the car following which the car is remapped. The car is then handed over to the customer after testing the new map on the road.

What do the various Stages mean?

  • Stage 1 maps are for cars with stock engines having minor modifications. 
  • Stage 2 maps are for cars with modifications done to the exhaust and intakes. 
  • Stage 3 maps are for cars with heavily modified engines, for e.g. engines with upgraded turbos.

Are there any risks involved? Will the maintenance costs increase?

The remaps are done with careful deliberation, taking your engine’s threshold into consideration ensuring there is no damage done provided your car is properly serviced.

For Stage 1 and Stage 2 maps there is no significant increase in the wear and tear and hence the original maintenance schedule may be followed. In case of Stage 3 maps, we recommend you shorten the service intervals as with increased power output, there will be increased wear and tear.

What Happens if the Service Centre Updates my ECU?

In case of a dealer/service centre updating your ECU remapped by us, we will again remap it for you free of cost. A minimal service charge may be levied.

What if I want Autodisir Performance to remap my car previously remapped by another tuner?

We can remap your car provided the map is changed back to factory settings by your previous tuner.

Would the remap be detected by the manufacturer/service centre?

There is no reason for any service centre to check your ECU flash counter during a regular servicing. Unless there is a specific problem pertaining to the ECU and the service centre performs tests related to the ECU, the remaps would not be visible to them.

What if I’m not happy with the remap?

We strive to make our customers happy with our maps. But if you are not happy with the map, you can inform us within 30 days and we can make minor changes to suit your liking or you can opt to change back to the factory settings and get a full refund of the remap cost. A minimal service charge may be levied.